One Up Components Dropper Post V2 Stealth 30.9 240mm

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Spend less, drop more! The OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 is available in 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, and a whopping 240mm and all posts now come with the V2.1 actuator installed so there will be no issues running it on the latest generation Santa Cruz frames with the low shock style.

Every post can be shimmed down in travel by 10 or 20mm so you can dial in your perfect length. Bikes and riders come in all sizes, so do OneUp droppers.

No other dropper can get your saddle lower. That’s because OneUp Droppers have the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any dropper post and the widest range of travel options.

The durability has been improved with the implementation of a new upper DU bushing in the upper collar and increased bushing overlap.

Who's this item for: Riders who are after the maximum amount of drop from the shortest possible insertion depth. These are ideal for bikes with kinks in the seat tube, water bottle mounts or suspension bolts interrupting the seat tube.

Actuation style: The post is actuated by a standard shift cable. The cable barrel is situated at the dropper post end while the cable end is clamped at the lever end. All posts have the V2.1 Actuator installed.

Spring style: Hydraulic. The V2 cartridges are user-replaceable.

Infinite or finite adjustments: Infinite amount of adjustment. You can stop the dropper post bus wherever you'd like to!

Internal or externally routed: The V2 dropper post is only available as internally routed.

Lever included: Nope. The post does not include a lever or a cable kit. There are so many great lever/remote options out there these days you might as well get one you like.

Includes cable / housing / battery: No, the V2 post does not include a lever, cable or housing.

Saddle clamp style: The saddle clamp accommodates your standard round metal saddle rails.

Weight: These weights are for the post only and do not include the lever, cable, or housing.

30.9 x 120mm = 435g
30.9 x 150mm = 480g
30.9 x 180mm = 525g
30.9 x 210mm = 570g
30.9 x 240mm = 648g
31.6 x 120mm = 450g
31.6 x 150mm = 500g
31.6 x 180mm = 545g
31.6 x 210mm = 590g
31.6 x 240mm = 668g
34.9 x 120mm = 545g
34.9 x 150mm = 605g
34.9 x 180mm = 660g
34.9 x 210mm = 710g
34.9 x 240mm = 812g
Stand out features: The shortest stack height and overall length of any dropper. These are easy to service at home without the need for special tooling. 210mm of drop! You can fine-tune the drop by 10-20mm to get your perfect ride height.

What's in the box:

1 x OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 (with V2.1 Actuator installed)
2 x Sets of 10mm shims (to fine-tune the drop amount)

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