Michelin Tyre DH22 27.5 x 2.4

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Michelin tyres are divided into 4 distinct lines to meet consumer needs.
RACING LINE A range dedicated to competition. Specifically designed to help you reach the top step of the podium.
COMPETITION LINE Our premium tyre offers the best performance for competition use.
PERFORMANCE LINE The most balanced performance for training use.
ACCESS LINE For occasional use.

Weight: 1440g

The most versatile Downhill tyre in the Michelin range. Excellent on soft and mixed terrain, it gives you a good level of performance on hard terrain.

More grip: Its DH 22 tread pattern, Magi-X DH compound (Dry and wet grip optimisation) and Down Hill Shield casing ensure good stud penetration on soft terrain while combining stability on hard terrain.

More protection: Thanks to its double-reinforced Down Hill Shield casing and puncture-resistant reinforcement, which gives you maximum control at low pressure (decreases flexing). Bead to bead double defense 4xPly improves lateral stiffness with improved sidewall robustness.

Other Technology: Pinch Protection technology, which absorbs the energy from pinch flats.

Fitting: Front/Rear.

Terrain Types: Mixed - soft/hard.

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