Lezyne Micro Drive Pro 800XL 800 Lumen Front Light

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A Sure-Fire Way To Be Noticed
Ideal for commuting in the city or ripping down a dark single-track late at night this LEYZNE 800XL MICRO DRIVE PRO front bike light will keep you, and the pathway ahead, safely visible for hours. Switch it into Overdrive Race Mode for 800 lumens of light which will illuminate the road well enough to see those potholes, rocks and any other threats in your path, while the separate flash modes are a sure-fire way to be noticed on the roadways any time of the day or night.

8 Lighting Modes
The Micro Drive Pro 800XL offers 8 combined lumen and flash modes and features a waterproof USB recharging port. The 4 hour recharge session will give you 1hr 45mins worth of full force 'Overdrive' lighting or up to 87 hours of Femto flashing light (15 lumens).

180 Degree Visibility
The LEYZNE 800XL MICRO DRIVE PRO is also an important safety tool helping to make other road users aware of your position. With ultrahigh-output LED's and side cut-outs on the lens it disperses light to your sides for 180 degree visibility, making it clearer for oncoming and side-approaching traffic to see you.

A Must-Have For Any Safety Conscious Rider
As a front beacon, the MICRO DRIVE PRO LED cycling light is hands-down one of the most visible lights around and easily produces a bright, white light to ensure you stand out - even at dusk. Trust us, when you're riding through the city amidst a sea of new model cars fitted with LED light strips, the LEYZNE 800XL MICRO DRIVE PRO FRONT LIGHT is a must-have for any safety-conscious rider.

Pack contents
1 x Lezyne 800XL Micro Drive Pro Front Light
1 x Silicone Rubber Mounting Strap for bars to 31.8mm
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x User Manual

Battery Details
• Latest generation Li-Ion battery for longer life
• Battery: USB Rechargeable
• Charge Time: 4hrs
• Battery Life: 1 hr 45mins to 87 hours (depending on mode used)
• Auto Thermal Protection prevents overheating
• Battery Status Indicator changes colour from green to yellow to red as power decreases
• Battery Charging Indicator changes colour from flashing green to solid green when fully charged
• High-speed 2 Amp USB charging capabilities (when used with compatible wall adapter - not supplied)

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