Michelin Tyre Wild Enduro Rear Gum-X Tyre 29 x 2.4

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COMPETITION LINE Our premium tyre offers the best performance for competition use.

Ride wherever you want with a tyre designed specifically for use on the rear wheel. The Michelin rear Enduro tyre offering the best balance between grip and strength.

More speed: Thanks to a tread pattern optimised for rear use and providing excellent performance and maximum progressivity.

More grip: Thanks to a new GUM-X3D design combining grip, traction and performance.

More protection: Thanks to the strong, lightweight Gravity Shield 3x33 TPI casing designed for rear-mounted Enduro riding and Pinch Protection on the bead to increase rigidity and minimise pinch flats

Rear Use: Mixed/Soft terrain.

Weight: 1030g


All of MICHELIN’s experience has gone into defining these latest mixes, allowing mountain bikers to obtain the optimal performance compromise between grip, efficiency and wear. Compound are produced in varying levels of shore hardness the lower the index value, the greater the gum softness; conversely, as the index value rises, the gum becomes harder.

TRI-COMPOUND: The new generation of top performance rubber. With a blend of three different rubbers : race underlay compound, traction compound and grip compound. Available in the Competition Line.

A tyre’s casing is made up of threads, the thickness of which varies according to the tyre range, makes it robust, flexible, efficient and lightweight. The more threads there are, the finer they are, making the tyre lighter. On the contrary, the less threads there are, the bigger they are, making the tyre stronger. TPI (Threads Per Inch) refers to the density of threads per inch.

Thanks to its additional protective ply running from one bead to the other, Michelin SHIELD CASING improves resistance to external attack on the sidewalls and reduces punctures due to impact or pinching.

3x33 TPI or 3x60 TPI casing specifically designed for Enduro
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