Forbidden Druid Frame X Large Cosmic Eggplant

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It’s time for high pivot suspension technology to make the leap from the downhill race track to your local trail network. With each frame size designed to optimize fit for all sizes and statures, the 130mm travel Druid balances both stability and agility making it nimble enough to hammer out after work rides yet burly enough for weekend shuttles. The Druid’s Trifecta suspension system generates grip and pop in spades while offering an unworldly ability to absorb successive hits on the trail. The more you ask of the Druid, the more it gives and the more you’ll want to push its limits


29” wheels        130mm rear travel        140mm / 150mm fork       Full carbon frame

Druid 'A priest, magician or soothsayer in the ancient Celtic religion'
The 'Druid' embraces modern day trail riding. Higher speeds, bigger jumps, rougher terrain and then the climb to the top, the Druid was designed for all of it. The high pivot design paired with a strategically placed idler will excel on descents and ascents alike. It's a unique, striking bike to look at but even more so to ride. 







Can it hold my water bottle? The Druid will hold a full sized water bottle comfortably on the down tube!

Is the chain guide included? An E*Thirteen top guide for the idler and E*Thirteen lower bash guard are included with the frame.

What shocks can it take? The frame has been designed with ample clearance for large air shocks and coils alike. If unsure about your new shock bolt it in with 0 pressure (or no spring) and gently cycle the linkage to bottom out to check clearance. 

What are the mounts on the top tube? These are accessory mounts. Bolt tools etc here, just not water bottle cages.

Assembly sizes The Druid takes a 73mm threaded BB, Boost 148mm x 12mm rear wheel and a 210mm x 55mm shock.

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